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Nathanial thinks Ella and JJ ‘definitely shouldn’t have been allowed to return’ to MAFS UK

He claimed that Ella ‘begged him to stay’

Nathanial decided to leave the MAFS UK experiment after his wife Ella’s affair with JJ was exposed. JJ and Ella had started texting each other behind their spouses’ backs and met up on a snooker date. After the affair was revealed Nathanial and Bianca decided to quit the show, alongside Ella and JJ who were told by the experts to “explore their connection outside of the experiment.” And in last night’s episode, JJ and Ella were brought back into MAFS UK by the experts and allowed to recouple with each other.

Nathanial has spoken out on his Instagram story about his thoughts on the two of them re-entering the experiment. One of his followers asked him “How do you feel about JJ and Ella rentering the experiment?” Nathanial responded writing: “They definitely shouldn’t have been allowed to return. I felt so sad for Bianca as most of her experience was over before it started.

Via Instagram @nathanial.valentino

“FAKE production stories and if you guys actually knew the truth about a certain person’s behaviour off camera, especially what came out at my last dinner party which you guys didn’t get to see.”

Nathanial was also asked about whether he fancied Ella during his time on MAFS UK. He admitted that she wasn’t “his usual type” but that he “was attracted to her at the wedding.” Nathanial explained that “Ella was more into having fun with the girls” and that “99 per cent” of the time he went to bed alone. He also claimed that Ella “begged him to stay and that she was sorry for everything – which you guys didn’t get to see.”

As for whether Nathanial is still in contact with anyone else from MAFS UK he explained that he “likes a lot of the cast” but “is a loner.” He felt “angry with some of the original cast” because “none of them spoke up at the last dinner party about Ella.” He said that their excuse for not speaking up about Ella’s behavior was because they “didn’t want to look transphobic.”

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