Peggy from MAFS UK says she’s ‘the least prudish person’ but admits she’s ‘old-fashioned’

‘I want my partner to have a normal job’

Peggy from MAFS UK has heard a lot about Georges squatting online throughout the experiment, but this week on the experiment she actually saw one of his iconic squat videos. Peggy wasn’t a fan of the video though, saying Georges behaviour was “inappropriate” and “humiliating.”

But in an Instagram live last night Peggy was discussing how people’s perceptions of her on TV are different from how she actually is in person. She described how someone told her “You’re nothing like you are on TV, as you come across as a prude.” Peggy then explained how she is “the least prudish person.”

She went on to say “I do have standards yes, I feel like I am quite old-fashioned in the way I want a relationship to go. I would want my partner to have a normal job you know like a plumber, electrician, dustbin man, or builder it’s just the concept of the squatting on request that threw me because it’s a new thing to me. It’s hard, it is hard.”

As much as Peggy says she likes those jobs I can’t help but feel if she saw a builder’s crack she’d probably pass out in shock.

New video of Georges squatting in leopard skin leotard 👀👀
byu/ellie_gina inMarriedAtFirstSightUk

Peggy previously talked about Georges squatting when he met her parents and sister. She explained how mortified she was that her family had seen the videos of him squatting online. “That’s the kind of perception they have of him now. It’s going to be difficult to change their opinion of him,” Peggy explained.

It came as her sister said to Georges that she had watched his Twitch videos saying, “Seen it. Fully clothed but not a lot of clothing.” She added, “Well, no, you’re just hiding your dignity. Quite short boxers.” The MAFS UK groom Georges then clarified that he wasn’t being forced to do anything he didn’t want to.

So just so we’re all on the same page Peggy has declared she’s “the least prudish person,” but she did also storm out of the flat after watching Georges video, so I might need to redefine what being a prude actually is.

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