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Fire spotted behind Lincoln Courts accommodation on University of Lincoln campus

The university has been working closely with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue was called to a fire behind Lincoln Courts accommodation this afternoon, eyewitness accounts report.

The university emailed Lincoln Courts residents later that evening informing them that emergency services were managing an incident at the railway line behind the accommodation. They told students there was “no need to worry.”

“We are advised that the incident is being managed without the need for further action. Fire and Rescue Teams have advised that there is no need for students to worry.”

One Courts resident described being confused and concerned when emergency services arrived. She said: “I walked outside my apartment and saw five fire engines and a team of firefighters with a hose, but it was obvious it wasn’t the building on fire. I didn’t see a fire but I could smell it. After going outside and watching for a little while I was less worried because it all looked under control.”

The smoke from the incident could also be seen from the university campus. Fran Nevens, a student at the University of Lincoln, could see the smoke from the University Library.

Fran said: “I was sat in the library when my friend noticed an unusual amount of smoke passing on the horizon. At first, we just thought it was because of the bad weather recently and put it down to being mist, but we soon realised that it was definitely smoke coming from a fire.”

The university or Lincolnshire Fire and Resuse are yet to comment on the incident publicly, but the university assured residents through email:

“Should anything change and there be any need to update you further we will do so.”

We will update this article with information as we have it.

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