One two three, let’s go b***h: Here’s what 1989 (Taylor’s Version) song each Lancs college is

Grizedale need to Shake It Off x

The morning of 27th October 2023 was glorious as Swifties across the globe woke up to 1989 (Taylor’s Version). That’s right, we have in our hands (or more realistically, on our phones because it’s EXPENSIVE), the brand new, re-recorded version of the hit album 1989, complete with five From The Vault tracks. They’re all bangers. The whole thing. So, let’s find out which banger each college is.

County – I Know Places (Taylor’s Version)

County definitely know some places, and they’ve seen them too. If something is going down on campus, it’s inevitably County who have started it, and with all that woodland behind them? They’ve hands down got up to some mischief in the woods that they aren’t admitting to.

Bowland – Welcome to New York (Taylor’s Version)

With the majesty of Bowland Tower being possibly the only thing that Bowland have going for them, they have to be the Lancaster University equivalent of a bustling metropolis. They also lend their name to Bowland North, our very own sprawling urban jungle. If you want to escape the countryside and get lost in buildings for a little while, Bowland is the place to head for.

Furness – Say Don’t Go (From The Vault) (Taylor’s Version)

Furness are loyal as anything. They aren’t going to leave you as your friend, and they’re going to be you’re ride or die on a night out in Sugar. Need someone to hold your hair back when you’ve had a bit too much? That’s Furness. They’re upbeat, always positive, and always at the end of the phone with the best advice. They aren’t going to go — you don’t need to ask them not to.

Fylde – Style (Taylor’s Version)

Have you ever walked past someone on the Spine and thought, wow, I really like their t-shirt/hat/shoes? They’re almost always from Fylde! They never seem to go out of Fylde, and nor does this song — or, according to the lyrics, does their relationships. If someone could just tell me where to find that James Dean love in Lancaster, please!

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Grizedale – Shake It Off (Taylor’s Version)

Our party college, with a history that lives up to its Reputation (not quite Taylor’s Version yet!), Grizedale embodies the Shake It Off energy. Just been broken up with? Go to a townhouse party and lose yourself in the beat. But then, at the same time, are we misjudging Grizedale, as Queen T says? Are we just saying that they stay out too late, and have nothing in their brain? I’ll leave you to decide.

Pendle – You Are In Love (Taylor’s Version)

Our wholesome friends down in Pendle deserve a ballad. I have never met anyone from Pendle in a relationship who hasn’t been invested, committed and 100 per cent obsessed with their partner, and it’s absolutely adorable. They’re all cuddly and warm, going on dates to Pendle Brew and walks around the Woodland Walk. Honestly, I need to get myself a Pendle friend.

Graduate – Out of the Woods (Taylor’s Version)

Graduate are constantly fighting to get Out Of The Woods that is dissertation and writing hell. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

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Lonsdale – Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version)

Lonsdale have an incredible ability to hold a grudge. Be it against the timetabling gods for putting all of their classes so far away from their accommodation, themselves for picking to live in South West, or their flatmates for the insane amount of flatcest that seems to go on in Lonnie, if you speak to someone from Lonsdale, they can tell you in great detail about the person that they truly hate that day.

Cartmel – Suburban Legends (From The Vault) (Taylor’s Version)

Doesn’t it feel like a suburban landscape when you’re down in the depths of South West campus that is Cartmel? To venture down here gives you legendary status. As the lyrics state, “I don’t come here to make friends, we were born to be suburban legends” and that is what Cartmel must be to brave the walk up to Alex Square every day. We’re in awe.

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