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Inside the oppulent hotel the MAFS UK cast are staying in on their chaotic retreat

Rooms start from £300 per night

The MAFS UK cast was whisked off to Winchester this week for a relaxing retreat. But because this is MAFS UK they were obviously are not having a relaxing time and have ended up arguing the whole time. But still, they have a very luxurious environment in which to bicker! So, from how expensive the hotel is, to all the features it offers, let us look inside the boujee retreat the MAFS UK cast stayed in!

Where exactly did they stay?

The name of the venue is Avington Park and it’s actually primarily used for weddings. Avington Park is about a 15-minute drive from the city of Winchester.

The MAFS cast stayed in the fancy hotel suites, all of which come with their own kitchens and the suites have two bedrooms in each. I really want to know who shared a suite with who! The estate is regularly used for filming including a Ruth Rendell mystery, films, documentaries, fashion shoots and advertisements.

The apartments start from an eye-wateringly £300 per night, and include gorgeous period decorations and four poster beds, it’s very much giving Tudor vibes.

The estate has a historical background and the building dates back to 961AD and is even recorded in the Doomsday Book. It was a Priory for the Monks of Saint Swithun until King Henry VIII took the estate for the Tudors and royal courtiers.

The library in Avington Park is the scene for the big MAFS UK showdowns, and has space for up to 170 people. And if the cast gets bored there are plenty of activities the hotel can arrange for them to take part, including quad biking through the estates extensive parklands, fishing, shooting, wood-crafting, and even hot-air ballooning!

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