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Love Island’s Ron opens up about split from Lana saying it ‘destroyed him’

He thinks Love Island is ‘forced’ and having a public relationship ‘ruins them’

Love Island finalists Ron and Lana split up in June after just three months of dating, but it seems almost five months later that the breakup is still having a massive affect on Ron. Ron explained that the breakup took a huge toll on him and he struggled to bounce back.

He said: “I will never do a dating show again, I will never have a relationship in the public eye again because I think it ruins it. It played a part in my and Lana’s relationship.

“I think relationship programmes are quite forced and it doesn’t happen naturally, it’s great and it works. It worked for me because I didn’t expect to fall in love. But I think sometimes it can play with people’s feelings too much.”

Ron said that he is still good friends with Lana despite their public split and still cheers her on from a distance. He explained, “Me and Lana are really good, we chat every now and again. She’s just done an amazing collab, I’m so proud of her. She’s smashing it, I can’t tell you how proud I am of her, for doing her thing, what she said she wanted to do. She’s killing it and it’s nice to know that the good ones out there are getting the things they want.

As for why the pair broke up Ron explained: “I think it was for multiple reasons. The world is a bit nuts, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and if it was in another world it might have worked.”

Ron said he is now taking some time for himself to heal and won’t be rushing into another relationship anytime soon. “I’m focusing on me, I think it was hard on me. It was my first proper relationship, it was hard, and it completely destroyed me. It’s a shock to anyone, I needed to learn to focus on myself and love myself a bit more. At some point, I will be back on the market, but right now I’m just doing me and just living my single life, trying to float.”

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