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Man falls from roof as police raid ‘cannabis factory’ house in Cathays

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening

A man has fallen from the roof of a Cardiff residence after police armed with tasers raided a house in Cathays that was being used as a “cannabis factory”.

At approximately 1:30pm on 31st October, both uniformed and non-uniformed police were seen attempting to gain entrance into the house on Cranbrook Street in Cathays through the use of a crowbar and a ram.

Upon gaining entrance to the property, officers demanded any person in the house show themselves immediately.

This was then shortly followed by an unidentified man climbing out of the top floor street-facing window of the three storey house onto the roof of the property.

Two ambulances arrived on the scene at approximately 13:55 and prepared a stretcher.

Eye witnesses told The Cardiff Tab the man fell off the roof into the back garden of a property a couple of houses down. The man immediately received treatment from the waiting paramedics and police confirmed that his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening or changing.

A resident of Cranbrook Street who lived only a couple of houses down told The Cardiff Tab: “Police climbed over our garden wall, and were looking in our garden for drugs.”

South Wales Police told The Cardiff Tab: “South Wales Police can confirm a cannabis factory has today been found at a house in Cranbrook Street, Cathays, and one man has been taken to hospital.

“His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening nor life changing. Enquiries are on-going.”