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Inside the intimate holiday Luke and Jay went on together after they were axed from MAFS UK

The two jetted off to Cyprus the day after they left the show

Luke and Jay were removed from MAFS UK last night after the tensions between Jordan and Luke hit boiling point, leading Luke to start fighting Jordan. Luke was then told by expert Paul that “by his own admission you’ve acted in a way you consider to be unacceptable. Sadly we agree, we’re going to have to ask you to leave the process.”

Luke admitted on his Instagram that he knows they are “leaving on controversial circumstances” but that he and Jay were leaving MAFS UK “as a team.” He then went on to explain in his caption that the two of them went on holiday to Cyprus together the day after they left for some “much-needed” relaxation.

Luke’s pictures and videos show him and Jay relaxing by a hotel pool on a stunning hotel balcony that overlooks the city, with gorgeous views out to the sea. He also included a video of them on a dinner date together being served freshly cooked prawns that look mouthwateringly delicious. Luke and Jay got up to some fun activities on their post-MAFS UK holiday with Luke videoing Jay whilst she’s singing karaoke at a bar, and singing insanely well might I add!

The two walked around the Limassol Marina in Cyprus, and the weather looked a lot nicer than it was in the UK! It’s like they were on their honeymoon all over again. It looked like their trip was very relaxing, and maybe could hint that the two decided they wanted to stay together after the show ended. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the reunion airs to find out!

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