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‘Horrific incitement to violence’: Jewish students’ union slams UCL-UCU Palestine stance

The Union of Jewish Students condemned UCL-UCU’s use of the slogan ‘Intifada until victory’

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has accused UCL-UCU of inciting violence and terror following its use of a pro-Palestinian slogan.

In an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) last Friday, university union members resolved to support Palestine’s pursuit of independence and used the controversial slogan “Intifada until victory” in the text of one of several motions.

The UJS decried the use of the term, describing it as “a horrific incitement to violence and terror.”

According to the UCU branch, the meeting was “convened to allow members to discuss the situation in Israel and Palestine.”

Several motions were raised for debate at the EGM, with the first one titled “NO TO OCCUPATION! NO TO IMPERIALISM! SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINIAN WORKERS AND YOUTH!”

This motion called for the UCL-UCU to support a free Palestine. Among its resolutions was “to reaffirm its solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people against occupation and for national self-determination.”

It also contained the controversial language decried by the UJS. The final point of the motion resolved “to call for a Socialist Federation of the Middle East — Intifada until victory!”

Intifada is an Arabic term for rebellion, uprising or resistance movement and often refers to two uprisings, in 1987 and 2000, by Palestinians seeking to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

However, several groups have alleged that it may be construed as an incitement to violence, including UCL.

The UJS strongly condemned the union’s use of the phrase.

Guy Dabby-Joory, UJS Head of Campaigns, said: “It is an utter disgrace for UCL’s UCU branch to call for an ‘intifada until victory’ and a ‘mass uprising’ against Israeli civilians. This is explicit support for indiscriminate violence and terror against Israeli men, women, and children, echoing Hamas’ brutal massacre on 7th October. It is shameful that academics have so starkly failed in their duty of care towards Jewish students at UCL, many of whom have had family killed in the intifadas or in Hamas’ attack.”

In a post on X, the UJS also referred to the UCL-UCU’s remarks as “a horrific incitement to violence and terror” and said it had written to UCL’s Provost to “call for urgent action in the wake of this.”