MAFS UK 2023 first Instagram posts

A look into the cringiest first-ever Instagram posts of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

They’ll all be scrubbing their socials after this

All of us have a very cringe-inducing first-ever Instagram post and the MAFS UK 2023 cast is no exception. Whilst some of them have meticulously cleansed their Instagram of anything that could be seen as remotely embarrassing, others from MAFS UK 2023 have left their first Instagram posts up in their full glory.

So, from holiday snaps, pets and awkward poses here’s a look into the cringiest first-ever Instagram posts of the MAFS UK 2023 cast. Some of these have made me feel a lot better about mine.


Ella’s first-ever post is very iconic. Either she has always been a very discerning Instagram poster or she did a massive cull of her posts. Either way, she looks amazing.


Erica’s first ever post was more than six years ago, she looks totally different, I hardly recognised her with blonde hair! She’s a professional dancer so it’s no surprise her first Instagram post is to do with dancing.


Of course, Jay’s first post is stunning. It’s giving body goals to the max.


Luke’s first Instagram post is a real throwback to when we were all absolutely obsessed with hashtags. To be fair his hashtags sum up the picture very well!


It doesn’t get much more Rozz than this. An absolutely adorable and very wholesome first post, I’m all here for it.


Having had to scroll through Thomas’ entire Instagram to get to his first post, I can say with certainty that he’s perfected his grid. There are literally no embarrassing posts from this man.


This is the type of content we’re here to see. This should be framed. The outfit, the pose, the hashtags, the excessive use of emojis and the sepia filter really brings it all together.


Who needs poetry when you have this caption? It says “wet laces” but what does it really mean? I suppose we’ll never know.


I would love to be there right now. Giving major Pinterest and Tumblr vibes.


Jordan looks so baby-faced here!


Not the David Beckham haircut.


She really has always been a queen.


That lip pose is something else, it’s defying the laws of nature.


Laura is on the far left, and it looks like she hasn’t aged a day since this picture was posted. What an icon, I love her so much.


You know this picture was posted a while ago because he’s wearing Vans. The chokehold those shoes had on us needs to be studied, they were essentially glorified school PE plimsolls.


Tasha has also 100 per cent edited her Instagram grid because there’s no way this is her actual first ever Instagram post.


I’m not quite sure which one Paul is, but it’s nice to know he’s somewhere in that mix.


Sean is right, I don’t pay his mortgage.


Love a bit of self-promo for Mark, although his teeth feel like they’re illuminating the room through the TV screen!


Guys watch out, Porscha is going absolutely wild posting about Black Friday on Saturday.


The personalised bag is so Terence.


Yes, there was a time when Brad didn’t have his whole face covered in tattoos.

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