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MAFS UK cast 2023 TikTok

A look inside the absolutely iconic TikTok accounts of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

You’re not going to want to miss out on watching these

TikTok is one of those apps where all your inhibitions that tell you not to share the video on social media suddenly disappear. And good for us, because it means that the MAFS UK 2023 cast has some unbelievably iconic TikTok accounts.

From shading their co-stars to sharing their questionable haircuts, the MAFS UK 2023 cast has a very eclectic mix of videos on TikTok, so let’s dive in and see what they’ve been posting!



Im back b****es ✌🏽 @E4 @Married At First Sight UK #mafs23 #trans #mafs #mafsuk #pride #fyp #lgbt

♬ original sound – Ella Morgan🏳️‍⚧️✨🦋(MAFS UK)

If you had to personify Ella and her controversial return to MAFS UK then this TikTok sums it up pretty well. Her hair and makeup also look absolutely flawless.



Truth always comes out eventually #mafs #mafsuk

♬ original sound – officialworkmemes

I love the off-screen beef so much and Erica has delivered to the max with this TikTok. I cannot wait for the reunion so the MAFS UK cast can share their own sides of everything, but for now there’s enough on TikTok to keep us entertained!



Me waiting to get married on #mafsuk How many more drinks did i have. All correct answers get a follow back 😁 #mafs #mafsau #mafsusa #wedding #married #firstdrink #firstdrinkvslastdrink

♬ original sound – Luke Worley

Luke tried to do his own video to the popular TikTok trend of showing how you look on your first drink versus your last. The only problem is he seemingly forgot to include his last drink, so we can only assume he drank so much that he completely forgot.



Thomas and I getting married vibes 🤭💖 @E4 @Married At First Sight #marriage #funny #married

♬ original sound – Rozz Darlington

This one made me audibly laugh out loud. The two have come such a long way since they got married, I’m rooting for them all the way!



Sorry mum #isolation #houseoftiktok #shavedhead #shavetime

Sorry mum #isolation #houseoftiktok #shavedhead #shavetime

I had to throw in at least one TikTok that gives you a bit of a jumpscare. This one was filmed during lockdown, and like us all Thomas had clearly decided that hairdressing totally isn’t that hard, right? Maybe he should have stuck with that style for MAFS UK.



All the drama…. #mafs #mafsuk @MAFS UK

♬ original sound – TheBaldestBitch

She speaks for the nation.



Stop sweating about me Luke your fake tan is running #mafsuk #mafs

♬ original sound – Jordan Gayle

C’mon now, you didn’t really think I’d write an article on TikTok and then not include any of the ones from Jordan and Luke’s feud? I live for the pettiness, and fair play to Jordan because his tan application actually looks quite smooth.



Skip till you drip #addisonrae #fyp #stayathome #fitness

♬ Addison Rae – The Kid LAROI

I’ll be saving this TikTok from JJ in case I ever forget how to skip.



I just really like the song tbh x


The queen herself is as usual absolutely slaying in this TikTok. I love her with all my heart. An instant follow.



Im just matt a bodybuilder trying to re live his youth. 🥹

♬ I’m Just Ken – Ryan Gosling

Matt has a lot of TikToks on MAFS UK and also his bodybuilding journey, but I had to pick this one purely based on the audio choice.



They still recovering 😔….. Hope you tuned up on tonight latest episone on @E4 #marriedatfirstsight #mafsuk #E4 #funny #catmeme #meme #humour #fun #nationaltv #mandem

♬ original sound – Paul Liba

This is such a chaotic TikTok. The caption, the fact he meant to do a green screen that majorly failed, seeing his bare bum. This TikTok really showcases the beauty of the app.



You lot stop STIRRING the pot 🥄 If you can’t beat them join them 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Spoongate #Spoon #StirItUp #Mafsuk #marriedatfirstsight #Marriedlife #mafs #mafsuk23 @e4mafsuk @e4grams

♬ original sound – Terence Edwards (Host)

Who could forget spoongate? This TikTok is stunning, but part of me really wishes that Terence had made himself turn into a spoon at the end. Spoonception.



#fyp #mammamia

♬ ANGEL EYES DUET – Owen Kelley

I’ve never wanted to be friends with someone and their dad more than I have based on this TikTok. If you look up the word iconic in the dictionary this TikTok will appear next to it.



Just catching a vibe and a smile #fyp #handsome #gamer

♬ original sound – Georges

Georges, we all love you. But this style of vague thirst trap/ fan edit TikTok has me absolutely cracking up. I need to do this with all my photos now.

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