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Glasgow accounting student says ‘I’ll kill you paedo b*****ds’ to police during arrest

The student appeared at the Glasgow Sheriff Court last week following the arrest

A Glasgow student called the police “paedo b*****ds” whilst being arrested after shouting on the street in the early hours of the morning.

The student was arrested on Sauchiehall Street on Saturday 13th November 2021 after the police saw her shouting across the road.

Glasgow Times reported Chloe McDonald, 22, from Dumbarton, told the officers: “F*ck off, I’m not getting the jail,” when approached. Her partner Jordin Cairns, 26 from Yoker, tried to stop the arrest by grabbing McDonald who then spat at an officer.

During the arrest, McDonald, an accounting student, started shouting at the officers: “I’ll f*****g kill you pedo b*****ds, you are all f*****g paedophiles, you are a paedo, you baldy b*****d,” during which her partner continued to try and free her.

The police had to put McDonald in fast straps due to her continued attempts to free herself. The police then arrested the pair and took them to the Govan police office.

McDonald appeared in Glasgow’s Sheriff Court last week following the 2021 arrest.

Her lawyer told the court that her client was “ashamed and disgusted” by her actions and that her client was at low risk of a repeat offence, her being a student and working in a managerial role.

She also explained that McDonald’s actions were out of character since she had been drinking and that she was trying to step into an argument her partner was having with another male.

“She does accept full responsibility for her actions,” her lawyer said, “There are no underlying issues. It appears on this occasion she had far too much to drink.” Jordin Cairns’ lawyer told the sheriff that he was in employment and would therefore be able to pay a fine.

The sheriff told McDonald: “Your solicitor advises me you are ashamed and so you should be.

“How dare you engage in behaviour such as this towards police officers who are out trying to protect people.

“The only reason that I’m not going to impose a punishment more significant is because of your age and the fact you’re taking significant steps to better yourself.”

McDonald was eventually fined £760 and her partner Cairns was fined £240. The sheriff ended the session firmly by saying: “Do not ever let me see you again.”

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