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MAFS UK cast theme park

The MAFS UK cast went on a night out to a children’s theme park and the pics are hilarious

Actually looks so fun I won’t lie

The MAFS UK cast loves their nights out and the one they did last night looked so much fun. The cast went to Babylon Park in London for a Day of The Dead themed evening of activities and rides.

Babylon Park is in Camden and is an indoor, underground, two-storey amusement park in the heart of London. It has seven rides, including a rollercoaster, drop tower and bumper cars, along with hundreds of galactic arcade games.

Jay described how she was “dressed in a Halloween costume” because she was told it was “fancy dress” but that “nobody else was dressed up,” and she felt like “a tw*t.” We’ve all been there Jay. And to be fair Rozz was vaguely dressed up, and some of the other people at the event were as well.

MAFS UK cast theme park

Via Instagram @rozzdarlington

Not all of the MAFS UK were able to attend the event, with Peggy presenting an award at the Ethnicity Awards ceremony, but Rozz, Georges, JJ and Arthur were all in attendance. Rozz and Jay looked absolutely iconic and it’s nice to see that the two of them are still friends!

MAFS UK cast theme park

Via Instagram @johnjoeslater

JJ posted a video on his Instagram story of him on the rollercoaster and honestly, it looks like he’s having the absolute time of his life, despite the rollercoaster looking like it’s going no more than one mile per hour.

Alongside the seven rides, there are bumper cars and ring tosses, as well as plenty of classic arcade games. And of course, a massive vending booth where you can claim your prizes. Looks like all of the MAFS UK cast really connected with their inner child at the event!

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