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MAFS UK Paul show twist

Expert Paul from MAFS UK reveals the show’s biggest twist is ‘yet to come’

‘If people were blown away by Ella and JJ, there is much more to come’

MAFS UK certainly knows how to dish out the drama, but show expert Paul Brunson has revealed that the biggest twist is “yet to come,” and it will involve Tasha and Paul!

Paul dropped a massive teaser at the Grow, Unite, Build, Africa Awards last night, saying that viewers are in for even more twists and turns as the explosive series continues.

Expert Paul revealed that “If people were blown away by Ella and JJ, there is much more to come. This time with Tasha and Paul. What happens next is very unexpected. I know what happens, but you guys will see it all unfold soon.”

He added, “I thought last season’s MAFS was the most explosive, but this one, well, it’s just incredible. It’s all fireworks. I’ll certainly need a lie-down afterwards. I’m so glad everyone is telling me how much they are enjoying it.”

Whilst Tasha and Paul have been one of the more solid couples of the MAFS UK experiment, last week they had a massive off-camera row. Just before the partner swap task Paul said that he saw a “different side to Tasha” as she “got up in his face”. The pair then spent two days apart with other brides and grooms from the experiment as part of the task.

When they later came together, Tasha apologised and promised Paul would never see a repeat of her actions ever again. She said, “I knew if we spoke it would just be an argument, so I stopped that before it could happen, do you understand?”

She continued: “It’s not been nice to not be able to resolve it, so I wanted to apologise for my behaviour. I know you felt disrespected. I don’t want you to feel like that. I do respect you as a person, as my husband, so I apologise I’m actually very sorry for what happened and I can tell you now, it isn’t going to happen again.”

I’m so excited, I love all the drama.