TikTok trend AI filter 1940s

Here’s how to do that 1940s AI filter trend you keep seeing all over your TikTok FYP

Everyone is making themselves look like such a vintage baddie

The newest AI filter to take TikTok by storm since the viral yearbook trend makes you look straight out of the 1940s. Every single person I’ve seen doing this trend is absolutely killing it, everyone looks so polished. It’s letting everyone live out their vintage baddie dreams and they look great doing it.

So, here’s how to use the AI filter on TikTok to see what you would have looked like if you were alive in the 1940s.


♬ Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin & Richard Wess And His Orchestra

Go onto the app and click the plus button as if you were about to start filming a TikTok. From there click on the bottom left of the screen where it should say effects. After that, click the search button and type in AI.  The correct one to pick should be the first one that comes up, and it’s called AI Studio Photo.

Centre your face in the frame and let the transformation begin! This is also the same filter that can be used for the yearbook trend, so if your photo comes up as a yearbook one just keep retaking the photo until you get the 1940s one.

For the best results make sure you’re in a well-lit room, and you can change your facial expression depending on whether you want an undercover spy sort of look or that cute girl next door vibe. The filter is free to use so take as many pictures as you want!

Now, go and steal some soldier’s hearts.

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