LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

A nosy peek into the LinkedIn profiles of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

I can’t believe Georges hasn’t listed his squatting as a skill

The cast of MAFS UK 2023 haven’t always been reality TV stars and influencers, and before starring on MAFS UK 2023 a lot of them had very normal jobs and standard LinkedIn profiles. And some of them even earned a lot of money before their time on the dating show, with some pretty lucrative jobs. So, from what they’ve been posting about, to what their very first jobs were, let’s dive into the MAFS UK 2023 cast LinkedIn profiles!


Erica works full-time as a social media manager for her company ELEV8, which she started in September 2022. Her LinkedIn lists her business as focusing on content creation, social scheduling and paid social. Erica is also a talented dancer, and she attended The Dance School of Scotland for five years from 2010 to 2015.

Her profile picture is giving LinkedIn baddie.


Bianca’s LinkedIn profile is one of the largest ones out of the entirety of the MAFS UK 2023 cast, so let’s dive into it! In her profile, Bianca describes herself as a “Passionate Italian who has a keen eye for fashion and always striving to keep on top of modern-day trends. I express my artistic side through the work I create, although I’m always looking for a new challenge.”

In her about section she writes: “Throughout my professional career, I have developed an effective blend of intellect, personality and humility. During my varied career, I have created strong professional networks and collaborative opportunities. My professionalism has supported my adaptability and progression.

“Being of strong will and kind, I successfully obtained management status in my previous roles and have since created my own business which I operate in my spare time. These attributes, along with innovative and efficient solutions in the workplace, have led to the success of the businesses I have been affiliated with and managed.”

Alongside her own hair extension business Bianca also works as a full-time hair colourist for Toni and Guy and started working there in 2021. Bianca’s first job started in 2015 and was as a support worker, which she did for three years and five months. After that Bianca was a supervisor at a nightclub for over six years, and her last job before going into hair was as a system administrator for ME Group Holdings Ltd.

I can’t believe she only has 13 connections though?! Bianca, get back on your LinkedIn grind.


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

On Paul’s LinkedIn he writes “I have spent the last few years of my life learning how to build relationships with people around me and in general help them reach their personal goals. This has allowed me to develop a great sense of interpersonal communication skills, as well as having a strong set of customer service abilities.

“In my spare time, I love time management and creating art, this has taught me how to self-discipline.”

Like a lot of us, Paul’s first job in 2015 was as a waiter and he worked at the handmade burger co for just over one year. He then moved on to be a data entry specialist but this was short-lived as after five months he left the company. After that, he worked for six months as a customer assistant at M&S before becoming a community development officer for Watford Football Club.

In 2019 Paul started a new job as a contact centre consultant for Comdata Group, and he worked there for four years. According to LinkedIn, his current job is as a medical billing and collection account manager where he has been working for the past two years.

The lack of a cover photo concerns me.


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

What is is with guys and a lack of a LinkedIn cover photo?!

Mark describes himself on his LinkedIn profile as “a hardworking and reliable person who is well presented and confident in what I do. I work well as an individual, but also capable of working within a group. I enjoy a challenge and always reach targets that are set.

“I describe myself as a self-motivated and strong team player with great commination skills. I am very organised with excellent time management skills. I am very keen to learn new skills to better myself and my career.”

Mark has had a lot of different jobs over the years, with his first one in 2005 being the opening and closing cashier for a bookmaker for just over three years. After that, he went on to work for NatWest for over two years as a customer service officer. In 2011 Mark moved to Harvey Nichols to become a customer service assistant and worked there for two years and seven months.

Mark then briefly left Harvey Nichols for three months to do sales for a furniture company, before returning to Harvey Nichols as a store fulfilment assistant. After two years he left that role for his current job at Childsplay Clothing, a luxury online children’s clothes retailer. He started in customer care before working his way up to being the customer service manager. He has been in his current role for over five years.


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

Before JJ started his clothing company, Fully Blessed, he was a marketing executive for DST Output UK. JJ started his company in November 2020 and is the founder and creative director of the fashion brand. He has fully committed to his brand in his LinkedIn and I won’t lie the header picture is quite vibey.

Jay Howard

LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

Jay just had one job before her current one, and it was as a machine host for Gala Bingo, very vibey and very Jay.

She has been in her current job for over eight years as an account manager for Warrantywise, where she is “responsible for all aspects of Motor Trader warranty sales including building relationships with new motor dealers looking to sell the prestigious Warrantywise extended car warranty.”

Luke Worley

LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

Luke currently works as the managing director for Fast Talent LTD and has a pretty extensive section about himself and his career on LinkedIn.

Luke writes: “I worked in sales for over a decade, and over the years I have developed a keen understanding of how customers think and the types of solutions they need. This knowledge and skill have translated well to my current role in recruitment, where I’m able to identify the perfect job vacancies for people who have the skills and interests necessary to succeed.

“I’m highly experienced in assessing and matching job-seekers with the right openings, using my in-depth knowledge of the industry and my attention to detail. I’m proud to have become a trusted resource for both job-seekers and employers alike, as I strive to bridge the gap between them.

“On a personal level, I’m a people person who revels in the challenge of working with all types of personalities and finding the ideal fit for each and every person. If I’m not working you’ll find me down the local pub or in a beach bar somewhere.”

Luke’s most recent LinkedIn post says how he “trusted the experts to find me a wife, now it’s your turn to trust me to find your next employee!” So who knows, when that recruiter next calls you up maybe you’ll be chatting to Luke from MAFS UK 2023.


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

Georges is a self-employed business owner, as well as a full-time head of rehabilitation and performance at Barnet Football Club. Georges describes himself as “a confident individual, hard-working and enjoys new challenges that will improve my skill set. I would describe myself as an energetic and self-motivated individual who is a good team player.

“Throughout my time working in professional sports, I have developed my interpersonal skills whilst building strong relationships with many of the athletes within my teams. This has enabled me to develop many transferable attributes which are used in various sporting environments.”

Georges first gained experience doing an internship in rehabilitation as a student for Bristol City Football Club. After eight months this then led to a part-time role at the club. From there he became lead sports rehabilitator at Hereford Football Club for just over one year, before moving to Aldershot Town Football Club. At Hereford, he was head of medical and performance and stayed there for just over two years before moving to his current club.

I can’t believe Georges Twitch career isn’t listed, squatting should be put under skills, and I’m sure Peggy could endorse the skill!


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

You know Peggy is a serious LinkedIn user when she’s listed MAFS UK as a career break.

Peggy is a technology risk partner for Quilter and has been for over six years. Peggy started her career in 2013 as an IT risk assistant before working her way up over the course of four years to become a senior operational risk analyst. She started at Quilt in 2017 and has been there ever since.

Peggy’s LinkedIn cover photo is so millennial, I love it.


LinkedIn MAFS UK cast 2023

Laura means serious business because she’s the only cast member who has a LinkedIn premium account.

Laura is a business development manager for Rowan Oak Ltd, and like Peggy has included MAFS UK in her LinkedIn experience. She’s now looking to get back into work, writing in her latest LinkedIn post, “I recently took a huge risk and left my safe and secure job of 14 years to pursue an exciting opportunity in media.

“This was only ever meant to be short-term (three to four months) and now that it has come to an end, I am looking to get back into full-time employment. I have over a decade of experience in people management within the finance sector but I am also open to new challenges.”

Someone hire this icon!

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