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University of Glasgow is the hardest Russell Group university to get into

Joint with Cambridge, Glasgow Uni is officially harder to get into than Oxford

The University of Glasgow has been identified as the hardest Russell Group university to get into based on UCAS tariff points.

Universities such as Oxford, Imperial and Durham have been bested by Glasgow, despite being infamously hard to get into. Research from Complete University Guide has demonstrated that Glasgow’s west end site is the most difficult to enter out of all the Russell Group universities, tied with Cambridge.

This year’s Complete University Guide has calculated the average entry tariff for each Russell Group university. This therefore works out how difficult each one is to get into. UCAS tariffs can be calculated out with this calculator but essentially, greater grades equal a higher score.

For Scottish Highers, the system is as follows:

A = 33 points

B = 27 points

C = 21 points

D = 15 points

Here are the rankings released by Complete University Guide:

Russell Group University Average UCAS Points Required For Entry
University of Glasgow  209 
University of Cambridge   209 
Imperial College London  206 
University of Oxford   205 
University of Edinburgh  197 
LSE  195 
UCL  190 
Durham University  185 
University of Bristol  174 
Kings College London  171 

However, despite its tricky entry requirements, Glasgow University is up there with the Russell Group universities with the lowest lecturer rankings. Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge were also included, potentially hinting towards some student dissatisfaction.

Russell Group University Average Lecturer Rating Out of 5
University of Birmingham 1.2
University of York 1.5 
University of Glasgow 1.6 
Imperial College London  1.7 
University of Exeter 1.8 
University of Cambridge 1.9 
University of Southampton 2.0 
Queen’s University Belfast 2.1 
University of Bristol  2.2 
University of Oxford 2.2 

So although the University of Glasgow is the hardest to get into, is it worth the graft for the 1.6/5 lecturer ratings? Or, are Glasgow students just a little too demanding?

If you’re a Glasgow student, why not take this test and see how “West End” you truly are?

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