‘Dirty c****s’: Warwick Uni Jewish Society group chat infiltrated with antisemitic messages

One message accused Jewish students of killing Palestinians

Last month, a group of Jewish students had their Whatsapp group chat infiltrated by “racist Pro-Palestine activists”.

This group chat, created for the Jewish Society (JSoc), was then the target of antisemitic abuse.

The Whatsapp group was advertised on the society’s website with an invite link, designed for new Jewish students. However, on the 12th October, four new people requested access to the chat.

Jacob Lederman, a student at Warwick University, explained: “Four people infiltrated our group. They got through our security and posted some vile messages… It was pure antisemitism.”

At first, the infiltrators sent innocuous messages into the group chat. One text read: “U selling any kosher meat? I’m struggling to find any round here.”

However, the topic of conversation then turned to Israel. According to the BBC, another message wrote: “Everyone agree with what’s going on in Israel right?”

Then, the abuse started. The JC reported that one text accused Jewish students of killing innocent Palestinians: “I don’t like it. Killing kids, killing mothers”.

Other text messages included: “F**k Israel” and “F*****g dirty Jewish c***s”.

Lederman continued: “There were Jews who had maybe been at the university for two weeks and they were on a Jewish Society group and then suddenly they get attacked by this bile.

“It made me feel sick because I think Jews in the UK, we’re used to a kind of undercurrent of antisemitism on social media. I see it all the time. I’ve never seen it this overt before”.

UJS President Edward Isaacs told Newsnight: “We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in antisemitism on campus – we’ve seen a year’s worth of incidents recorded in just three weeks. Every Jewish student is feeling this.”

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