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Ella MAFS UK cosmetic surgery

Ella from MAFS UK reveals what cosmetic surgery she’s already had and her plans for more

‘I know my lips are still quite ducky’

Ella from MAFS UK has revealed what cosmetic surgery she’s previously had done, as well as her plans for further changes she wants to make. So far Ella has had filler in her chin, cheeks and lips, but recently decided to get it all dissolved so that she can “start fresh” with new cosmetic surgery.

Ella first underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 21 years old and has had multiple feminine facial reconstruction surgeries. Ella also underwent a controversial filler method called butterfly lips, which involves dissolving and refilling lips in the same session.

In an interview with Closer, Ella discussed her plans for more cosmetic surgery and that she wants to get “that Katie Price look.” Ella explained: “I know my lips are still quite ducky, but I love that Katie Price look. I think she looks incredible.

“I’m actually going to have my nose sorted out because I can’t breathe properly after my nose job. But the biggest thing is my forehead, I don’t like my hairline.”

After cheating on their MAFS UK spouses with each other, Ella and JJ were allowed by the experts to come back to the dating show as a couple. On last night’s episode, JJ discussed with the experts how differently Ella behaves when she has had alcohol. Ella explained that she looked up JJ’s ex and didn’t feel like she was as pretty as her, and lashed out at JJ telling him that her “ex was better looking than him anyway.”

Despite their argument, the two ultimately both decided that they wanted to stay in the experiment.

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