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Just Stop Oil protestors create blockade on Waterloo Bridge near KCL

The environmental activist group finally hit King’s (sort of)

Just Stop Oil began another of their infamous slow marches on Waterloo Bridge between two King’s College London campuses.

At 9:30am on Wednesday 8th November, the 50 protestors wore their iconic orange jackets and carried several banners during their march across the bridge, before settling in the middle to disrupt road traffic.

It took just 15 minutes for the police to arrive and remove the protestors by 10am, yet traffic had already built up significantly. During this time, the congestion created had caused an ambulance with its blue lights on to be delayed as it tried to breach the crowd.

Five members of the original 50 protestors, underwent another slow march along The Strand before being arrested by the police.

Although it was not a direct protest on KCL, unlike the activist groups’ previous protests in early November that hit various universities across the country including UCL, King’s students were massively disrupted and some were left unable to attend classes at both the Strand campus and the Waterloo campus.

The bridge has since been cleared of all JSO protestors, and 40 arrests were made with that number expected to rise.

Featured image via Met Police.

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