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Luke Jordan MAFS UK feud boxing

Luke and Jordan from MAFS UK are planning to have a boxing match to finally end their feud

Luke said he ‘can’t think of anything better than putting this pr*ck asleep in the ring’

Just when you thought Luke and Jordan’s feud was over, it turns out it’s still definitely not. In what must be the longest-dragged-out beef in the history of MAFS UK, Luke has reignited his feud with Jordan by sharing screenshots of a conversation they had.

In the screenshot amid their feud, MAFS UK groom Jordan asks Luke to message him privately to start to organise the boxing match with Luke replying “Thought you had childhood trauma with violence?”

Via Instagram @lukeworley1

In the full conversation, Jordan messages the group chat which includes Arthur, Jay, JJ and possibly others. He writes: “Message me privately @Luke to start talking about planning the boxing to make it happen soon. I’m bored of all this talking and want to put an end to it and act like proper men.”

Luke replied to Jordan saying, “Thought you had childhood trauma with violence? BINGO you’re a scamming little c*nt.”

MAFS UK groom Luke won’t let the feud go, as he shared the screenshots on his story where he captioned them, writing “Bingo, here is Jordan who says he is scared of violence due to his past.” He then tagged Mams Taylor who is the co-president of Misfits Boxing.

He continued writing “Let’s get this over the line because I can’t think of anything better than putting this pr*ck asleep in the ring.”

The story was shared on Reddit, where Luke replied to one of the comments who had told him to “stop trying to stay relevant”. Luke replied saying: “I knew for a fact he used that as an excuse so I was removed, he told another groom he was going to do it. Also, the time going to his door was planned by producers, hence why there was a camera crew in his room waiting for me to turn up.

“Also if I was trying to stay relevant I wouldn’t be arguing with a bloke who has a tiny following and is hated.”

Via Reddit

Luke has previously accused the MAFS UK producers of setting up the fight between him and Jordan. Channel 4 responded “The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and we take any behaviour of this nature very seriously.

“Luke wanted to speak with Jordan which we gave him the opportunity to do on return to the apartments. Following the events that unfolded, we took prompt action as soon as this incident occurred, and Luke was subsequently removed from the experiment.”

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