Northumbria Snow Sports suspended for alleged nudity and recreating sex positions in library

The society is under investigation after members were seen undressed in the uni library

The Snow Sports Northumbria Society has been suspended after allegations of members simulating sex acts and being caught undressed in a university library.

Known for their partying reputation, members of the society were reportedly set challenges like “pose in doggy style in the library” and “get naked somewhere”.

Staff members at Northumbria University are said to be investigating the incident, with interviews being conducted with those who attended the Halloween social on October 26th, reports DailyMail.

Despite being known for their outlandish socials in the past, including a member being videoed running face-first into a lamppost in Bigg Market, the society’s most recent Halloween social is currently under inspection for inappropriate behaviour.

A university source told the Daily Mail: “Snow Sports are known for partying hard and you only have to look at their Instagram to see that they aren’t afraid to get their kit off during socials and on the slopes. But some members have been getting tired of it, the snow sports have become secondary to the partying and the Halloween event that went too far.”

They were set challenges like “pose doggy style in the library” and “get naked somewhere”.

Due to the disruption members of the society received an email outlining their commitment to deal with the issue escalating further: “Following the initial meeting with the Students’ Union and Society Committee, all society events have been paused while an investigation is underway and we work towards a satisfactory resolution – please be assured it is our priority to deal with this as quickly as officially possible.”

Snow Sports Northumbria have viewed these sanctions as a threat to the society’s future, and have set up a petition called “Vouch for the Snow Sports Northumbria Committee” on

The petition urges people to support the society and its committee, by pleading their values and the importance of their society as a whole and said: “Our committee has been built on the principles of good character, successful governance, and faith in future progress.”

“As members of the Northumbria Uni student community, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our society thrives and continues to provide a fulfilling student experience for all its members.”

“Our committee is deeply committed to this cause. We love our society and have poured countless hours into ensuring its success. It’s not just an organisation for us; it’s a personal mission. We believe in what we are doing and want nothing more than to continue providing our members with enriching experiences.”

A statement on behalf of Northumbria University and Northumbria Students’ Union in response to the inappropriate behaviour and reviewing the information presented said: “We are aware of an allegation of improper behaviour involving members of one of the Northumbria Students’ Union societies.”

“The university and Students’ Union takes allegations of this nature extremely seriously, and are reviewing the information presented to us in line with policies and procedures.”

The Tab Newcastle has contacted the Snow Sports Northumbria Society for comment.

Featured image via @snowsportsnorthumbria on Instagram

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