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I went to HIVE (Taylor’s Version) at Glasgow University Union and here’s what it was like

A Swiftie’s account of her first experience at a Taylor Swift Society social

Anyone who follows the GUU Instagram page would have noticed their take on Taylor’s iconic reputation announcement to welcome Taylor Swift HIVE night back for a second year.

Following the wild success of Glasgow Uni’s own Taylor Swift Society in the past year, racking up nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram, HIVE was packed last night full of Swifties and their non-Swiftie friends who they dragged with them, as I did with my flatmates (sorry guys).

As a first year, this was my first experience with a Taylor Swift Society social and it was insane, everyone was so lovely and welcoming, and the girl’s bathroom was a vibe as always (seriously, love everyone in there). 

What was even more rewarding was the society’s dedication to raising some extra money for the Glasgow Rape Crisis by selling temporary tattoos, Taylor’s Version of course, in the base bar before HIVE opened at 10pm.

HIVE was an incredible crowd, with so many surprise Swifties, aka the large group of sporty boys screaming Wildest Dreams at the top of their lungs. The DJ played a wide range of Taylor’s discography, as well as many breaks playing Beyonce, Harry Styles and other classic bangers from the 2010s.

So, Taylor Swift nights are basically the perfect time to get drunk and listen to the best range of white girl music we all love to hear on the dance floor. The committee created such a safe environment for us to let our hair down after a long few weeks of midterms.

This won’t be the last of the Taylor Swift society socials I drag my flatmates to, hopefully by the end of our first year they’ll be fully Swifties too! Taylor Swift HIVE, I was enchanted to meet you and can’t wait to see you again soon.

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