Manchester student paid £3.2k for taking part in 10 day clinical trial during reading week

Freya is unable to exercise or leave her room throughout the whole 10 days

A Manchester Metropolitan University student participating in a clinical trial which coincided with her reading week is earning £3,200 for the 10 day stay.

Staying in London as part of the trial, Freya has explained how she managed to partake in the camp as a student, while balancing uni work.

In daily videos posted on TikTok, she shared what a typical day looks like, including how the trial works as well as how she’s kept on top of her studies.

via @freyadoyle2 on TikTok

Documenting her stay at FluCamp, Freya gave insight into what it’s like to partake in clinical trials as a student, through slideshow videos posted on her TikTok account. After applying online, she explained how she was called “a week or so after”, and had her first appointment on October 2nd.

“I had my first appointment on Oct 2nd, second appointment on Oct 23rd and then started the trial on Nov 8th, but [it] can take longer”.

The business and marketing student from Buckinghamshire explained that the trial had luckily coincided with her reading week, meaning she wasn’t missing any teaching time while partaking in the study.

Sharing her commute to London on day one, Freya explained that she was required to check into a room she described as “half hotel, half hospital vibes” while she waited for her test results to come back clear to confirm she would be proceeding with the trial.

After being cleared to proceed with the trial, she shared that she was able to move to a new building and shared photos of the many different snacks and meals she was given while there, including the decaf coffee she had as caffeine consumption was not allowed.

via @freyadoyle2 on TikTok

That didn’t stop her cracking on with assignments however, as Freya said she “tried to be productive and get on with some uni work” on what looked to be a creative initiative presentation on “greening” in Manchester.

Explaining the logistics of the camp, Freya explained her role in the trial was “testing a medicine to treat flu symptoms” which is ingested through the nose.

Explaining the logistics of the camp, Freya explained her role in the trial was “testing a medicine to treat flu symptoms” which is ingested through the nose.

She also said she wasn’t allowed to leave her room at all for the whole 10 days, but wrote “It’s not too bad so far” and added that the camp provide unlimited food and drink throughout the stay.

“You order breakfast, lunch and dinner on an app and then get as many snacks as you want”.

But on top of that, Freya also wrote that exercise isn’t allowed during the trial as it can disrupt test results: “You’re not allowed to exercise at all as it can effect the results of the tests they do”.

Multiple blood tests a day are also required throughout the trial, with Freya adding: “A nurse told me today it can be up to three times each day, but so far the most I’ve had in a day is two”.

Earning her a whopping £3,200 for her 10 day stay, Freya explained how she’ll be getting paid after a commenter asked whether she would be getting paid in instalments or as a lump sum.

Answering questions about the money that she’d receive, she wrote “half straight after the trial and then the other half a few weeks later after the final appointment”.

Despite waking up  early at 6:55am to complete her first symptom diary card of the day on day four, Freya wrote that she had started to feel under the weather.

“I’ve not felt the best today (this TikTok was made yesterday) but apparently symptoms usually ease up after a day or two”.

Freya further received support in the comments from viewers interested in her experience, or from individuals interested in applying themselves. She even went as far as to share her referral code in hope for an additional bit of cash.