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Cardiff Uni students protest during Conservative MS talk at the university

Natasha Asghar MS was delivering a talk at a Politics Society event

A Conservative Member of the Senedd had Cardiff University students protest during her talk at the university.

Pro-Palestine protestors spoke against Natasha Asghar MS during an event held by the Politics Society, whilst others were banging the doors outside of the room and chanting.

The politician, who was speaking at an event held by the Politics Society, tried to continue her talk until she had some exchanges with hecklers about her vote against the Senedd motion to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, the South Wales Argus reports.

One heckler asked the Senedd member: “What do you not understand? How many people have to die ‘naturally’?”

To which her response was: “Why can you not aim for peace? A ceasefire will naturally occur.”

Natasha Asghar later put out a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, accepting that “people have the right to protest”.

But she called the protest against her “totally unacceptable” and she said she is “deeply troubled to see some of those protestors painting a very one-sided view on social media.”

According to a video posted on X, protestors initially were inside the room, but then moved outside of the room later on to make disruptions in the hallway.

The protest was organised by the Black Lives Matter organisation for Cardiff and Vale. It had been advertised on social media platforms, like X. One such post called her “morally reprehensible” for her voting against the call for a ceasefire in the Sennedd.

One student, who spoke to the South Wales Argus said:  “Students demanded an explanation as to why she voted against a ceasefire, which she failed to answer.”

They also added that students were “furious” that she had been invited to the university in the first place.

“Once she stopped responding to us, we walked out and joined the protest in the corridor.”

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “We are aware of a protest at a student society event held last night (Monday, November 13th November). University security were in attendance. The event went ahead with minimal disruption.

“However, we appreciate that a protest may have caused concern for some. In response, we will review the night’s events and adapt our procedures, if necessary.

“It is important to stress that universities are places where a range of ideas can be considered, examined and dissected both in academic programmes and in the wider university life.

“This means differing views can be brought forward and listened to. As a result, we will continue to take all reasonable steps to ensure that – within the law – freedom of speech is secured on our campus.”

The Senedd motion about the ceasefire was passed on the 8th November. There were 24 votes for it, 19 directly against it, as well as 13 politicians abstaining.