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Man jailed after student witnessed him carrying out sex act in car near Heaton Park

Ian McKie has been jailed for outraging public decency

A student was left disturbed after spotting a man sitting in his car inappropriately, whilst carrying out a sex act near Tyneside Park.

Ian McKie who has a history of similar offences, was parked near Heaton Park, Newcastle, with his window down.

McKie was sentenced to eight months in prison over the offence, reports ChronicleLive.

Originally from County Durham, McKie has been banned for similar behaviours in certain areas of Durham. This is McKie’s fourth time being jailed for a related conviction.

According to Newcastle Crown Court, it was 2.19pm one afternoon in February when the university student was walking on Heaton Park View, towards Heaton Park when she walked past McKie’s Ford Fiesta.

As the woman walked past, she saw he had no clothes on his lower body and continued his behaviour whilst looking her in the eye. The prosecutor, Joe Culley said: “She describes the male making panting and grunting noises to the volume of regular conversation.

“She could see he was not wearing trousers or underwear. They could have been pulled all the way down but she couldn’t see it. He was vigorously masturbating and continued to do so while looking directly at her.

“There were children in a nearby park and it was February half-term and in the middle of the afternoon.”

McKie was identified through the car, which the victim took a photograph of.

In the victim’s impact statement, she described the incident as “horrible” and believed McKie gained sexual gratification through prolonged eye contact with the victim during the ordeal. When asked about his intentions she said it was to “make her feel distressed”.

The court also heard about McKie’s three previous offences. In 1993 he was sentenced for indecent exposure and in 2005 and 2016 he was convicted for outraging public decency, involving offences of committing the same sex act in public in Durham.

As a result, he had been banned from areas of Durham in a restraining order due to his inappropriate behaviour.

McKie pleaded guilty to the latest offence and was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Judge Christopher Prince said McKie has fantasies about sex with a female who has seen him carrying out a sex act in public.

The judge further added: “You must understand conduct like this is serious. It may be non contact offending but it still causes distress. This is your fourth conviction for such offending. If you are terrified of going to custody, you are not so terrified that it’s stopped you offending.”

Brian Hegarty, defending McKie argued that he is a hard-working family man who’s struggled with his mental health and feelings of isolation within his marriage and in general. Hegarty further added McKie has now been kicked out by his partner and was terrified about going to prison.