What are Lancaster students listening to? Here’s your Lancaster Wrapped 2023!

We are a uni of Swifties and this surprises NO ONE

It’s the time of year when we all drop everything to reach for our phones and judge each other – Spotify Wrapped. That’s right, Spotify decided to randomly release their annual round up playlists for every single user at something past one this afternoon, and soon our Instagram stories were flooded. We all stepped back in wonder as our friends’ true music tastes came to light, not just the songs drunkenly scream to in Sugar.

It has fallen upon us to compile all of these into the ultimate Wrapped. What is Lancaster listening to? Who was the top artist? Whilst we couldn’t do songs – these were too diverse – we have analysed the data, and have created the complete, ultimate, Lancaster Wrapped 2023.

Honourable mentions

If there’s one thing that the music taste of Lancaster students seems to be, it’s eclectic. Whilst we could easily pick out the top five artists for the university, we had a plethora of singers and bands only mentioned once, but deserved a mention, either for their good taste or their randomness.

The fan of Bears in Trees, we salute you. The person who had British Eurovision hopeful Mae Muller as their top artist, we question if you are truly as big a fan as you seem to be. The person with George Ezra and Avicii in their top five, we would like to drag you forwards to this decade. The same with the people who sent us round ups that featured Sigala and JLS. However, the folks who sent us round ups with My Chemical Romance, Maneskin, Wolf Alice and Maisie Peters – you guys rock.

5. Lana Del Ray

Ah, our emotional queen. Perfect for those days when you have to force yourself to the library when it’s throwing it down, Lana really can capture our hearts. There may be an Ocean Under Sunset Boulevard , and it feels like there’s one in the Underpass when it rains. I don’t know if your sneaky link will still love you when you’re not Young and Beautiful, but if they’re from Bowland, the answer is probably not.

4. Hozier

The perfect soundtrack for those days when you want to run away to the Lakes and ignore those impending deadlines, Hozier made it onto an impressive number of Wrappeds this year. Clearly we need those Work Songs in our lives, rather than being Taken To Church.

3. The Beatles

This was a wildcard, but the number of times we saw the Beatles come up was unexpectedly wholesome. Apparently the Lanacster community like a throwback to the 1960s, and who can blame them? We can get to Liverpool so easily on the train, a trip down Penny Lane makes sense. And like the Greggs queue, we all know when to pursue something and when to Let It Be.

2. Harry Styles

With Love On Tour coming to Manchester earlier this summer, we all knew this was inevitable, and yet here we are, acting like we’re surprised. I mean, come on. We’re not Matilda. Harry must be ingrained into the consciousness of Lancs at this point, for so many people to be listening to it. Maybe we should suggest playing it in Alex Square.

1. Taylor Swift

After Swiftageddon this weekend, are we really surprised? Over a third of the Wrappeds we were sent had Taylor as their top artist. And why wouldn’t they? She’s the queen.

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