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Georges slams Jordan and Erica’s claims that his relationship is ‘fake’ and calls them ‘rodents’

Georges accused Erica and Jordan of only fighting at dinner to ‘get more screen time’

Earlier this week MAFS UK stars Jordan and Erica accused Georges and Peggy’s relationship of being fake, but Georges has now slammed their claims.

Georges did a Q&A on his Instagram story where one fan asked him “Who do you want to win from the Luke and Jordan fight?” Georges explained that he “doesn’t really like sitting on the fence, but then Jordan decides to come for me in the papers, so I guess he can just stand on his own. Team Luke!”

Georges was then asked, “Is your relationship with Peggy fake as Jordan claims?” Georges replied saying: “I won’t say much but what I will say to you is if you believe a couple that only ever argued at the dinner table so that they got screen time, then you need hypnotising. Please do not listen to the rodents, and please just let actions speak louder than words.”

The claims come after Jordan and Erica spoke to The Sun about some of their MAFS UK co-stars, including Georges and his relationship with Peggy.

Jordan said that he doesn’t “believe Peggy and Georges as a couple,” whilst Erica claimed that their relationship was “manufactured.” Jordan agreed with Erica and said: “I just don’t believe in it whatsoever. We’ll see soon with couples; will they still be together in like a year’s time? I’ll be absolutely shocked if they are – unless they’re getting success together as a couple.”

Erica added: “They only see each other once a week. They have an agreement that they see each other once a week.”

At this rate, Erica is going to be the only one in Jordan’s corner at the boxing match.

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