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Omg, Tahnee and Ollie from MAFS Australia have broken up after 16 months together

‘Our lives are taking us in different directions’

I thought we were finally safe from 2023 seemingly ending every relationship in sight but clearly not, as Tahnee and Ollie from MAFS Australia have sadly broken up. The two met on MAFS Australia which aired at the start of 2023, although they have been dating for 16 months.

Tahnee and Ollie both shared the news with Instagram posts. Tahnee said: “Just as I share the highlights of my life on here, it’s only fair for me to share when things aren’t always fun. Sadly, Ollie and I have decided to part ways.

“Our lives are taking us in different directions and we feel at this stage it’s the best decision for us. From meeting as strangers who got married, to genuinely finding love, I’m pretty proud of the time we’ve shared. Our journey together has been such a rollercoaster but sometimes relationships just don’t work out – no matter how much you want them to – and that’s okay.

“I’m so thankful for what these last 16 months have taught me, and for the genuinely supportive community I’ve found on here. Breakups are never easy but heartbreak is worth it in the pursuit of love.”

Ollie also posted an emotional caption, writing: “Hello, Tahnee and I have split up. It’s sad, but it’s okay. What a ride! A journey filled with love, laughter, challenges, and in the last month, reflection. I think we tried really hard to make it work.

“There is such a separation from Skye Suites to real life that I think is really hard to account for and (albeit not without trying) was an adjustment that we struggled to make. I kinda have this pipe dream of us being like Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld post-breakup, a very hard thing to do obviously, but the sentiment at its core is that I plan to try to be someone who champions Tahnee and can be there for her as a friend.

“In a post like this, the words friend and breakup are usually synonymous but with little truth behind them. However, if friendship was the foundation of us before love, I like to think it might be something we can share in the aftermath. That video is from last night, so I think we’re on the right track.”

I’m genuinely heartbroken.

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