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More than 200 academics at the University of Glasgow call for Gaza ceasefire

Hundreds have signed the petition to ease the impact on civilians.

Over 200 academics at the University of Glasgow have signed an open letter calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, that has so far killed 6,000 children.

The signatories have said that they are “deeply concerned” about the “abysmal atrocities in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel” and argue it is their “intellectual, humane and ethical duty” to publicly condemn this situation.

The petition — which calls for the immediate release of all hostages by Hamas — says ”the scale and brutality of the Israeli government’s attacks on Gaza’s universities is of extraordinary severity.” The academics also express concern over statements by ”leading Israeli politicians and government ministers” which they say point to the ”grave risk of a genocide.”

Dr Ophira Gamliel, a lecturer in South Asian religions, who helped write the letter, and Dr Giovanni Picker, a lecturer in sociology spoke of their responsibility during this conflict. They said:  “It is our responsibility to stand firmly against dehumanisation, atrocity and the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of civilians, especially when this occurs at such an enormous scale of devastation.

“We work to actively challenge inequality, and promote social justice through our commitment to anti-racism, anti-violence, human rights, gender equality, disability rights, and equal access to health and to justice. Therefore, remaining silent was, and is, not an option for us.”

This follows the news that 250 British lawyers, including KCs and professors of law, who stated that serious breaches of international law have been committed.

This coincides with a surge of pro Palestinian events across Glasgow, with the people of the city making their opinions heard.

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