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TikTok women night out

The gross TikTok accounts that secretly film women whilst they’re on a night out

‘All the girls in the videos are being recorded without their consent’

If you’ve been on your TikTok FYP recently you might have seen some concerning videos where women are being filmed in secret when they go for a night out. And these type of videos aren’t just limited to one account, with numerous accounts focusing on women in various cities.

All of these accounts are almost identical in the content they provide, with most of them having an emphasis on travelling and tours in their username. The accounts all have a focus on the nightlife of various cities in the UK, with a large focus around Manchester and London.

A lot of the accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, with Walking in China having 381k followers, Walked Around having 41k followers, Traveler’s Tour having 125k followers and Big City Night 10.3k followers.

And whilst both male and female students and graduates enjoy a night out, these TikTok accounts only focus on women.

Yep, on accounts where there are over 100 videos, and often over 10 individuals in each TikTok video the only men that feature are the bouncers, and those behind the camera.

The videos focus on women’s cleavage and there is a focus on women who are wearing more revealing outfits. The videos feature the women walking in the street, eating food, and talking to bouncers. But it’s clear that none of the women know that they’re being filmed, with some camera angles being obviously from a discreet angle.

One girl who recognised herself from one of the videos said: “I can confirm that all the girls in this video are being recorded without their consent. I think the whole premise of this account is so disgusting because he puts it as like ‘nightlife in Manchester’ when in reality it’s just some guy recording young girls on a night out.

“I think you may argue that recording in public it’s legal, there’s nothing wrong with it, just because it isn’t wrong doesn’t make it right.”

Underneath the videos are hundreds of men defending the videos and shaming the women for what they’re wearing, with one user writing: “They’re in public spaces, if they don’t want attention, they should cover up.”

Other comments from men are clearly objectifying the young women, implying that because of what they’re wearing they must be sex workers whilst discussing in the comments how much they think a night with each girl would cost.

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