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Monzo Wrapped

Monzo Wrapped is a menace to modern society and these 16 tweets prove it

I couldn’t be further in denial about my spending if I was in Egypt itself

2023 has been the year that companies have decided to let you know in a fun way how much data it has on you, and Monzo decided this year to release its own version of Spotify Wrapped. Monzo Wrapped breaks down how much you spent on different places, if you were in the top per cent of spenders for a certain store, and how many transactions you made.

There’s nothing more humbling than seeing this data in the festive period and having to confront the fact that I am still financially irresponsible. 2024 is going to be the year I get it together, I can feel it. But without further ado, please enjoy these 16 tweets about Monzo Wrapped so you can ignore how deep into your overdraft you are.

1. Monzo is saying what we’re all thinking

2. It’s not very festive

3. I’m traumatised

4. I love stats but I’m in severe denial about how much I spend on takeout

5. A perfectly formed map

6. Monzo is taking no prisoners

7. It’s just cruel at this point

— Black Woman Admirer (@water_is_rad) December 18, 2023

— Calgie (@christiancalgie) December 18, 2023

9. No Monzo, I’m really not

10. Monzo came through with the proof

11. I feel personally bullied by my Monzo Wrapped

12. I would never open the app again

13. I’d really rather not thank you x

14. Ladies, check your man’s Monzo Wrapped right now

15. The inner tory really popped off

16. Put that figure on the dating profile asap

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