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Mountain of rubbish outside student accommodation triggers vermin infestation

Students at Grand Felda House in Wembley report living among rubbish not cleared since September

Students at a private accommodation building in Wembley have sounded the alarm over a growing mound of uncollected rubbish at their residence.

Footage posted online shows hundreds of bin bags and other refuse piled up outside Grand Felda House, an intercollegiate student halls.

Some allege the mountain of waste poses a health and safety risk, reporting vermin infestations and a “dreadful” stench.

Jaquie Finn, the mother of a resident at Grand Felda House, posted a video on X showing the mound of rubbish.

Jaquie told MailOnline that her son and his friends are living in the building and that “the rats were everywhere and the stench is dreadful.”

Several students reported that the site’s private waste management contractors had refused to collect the rubbish due to a dispute.

Residents of Grand Felda House, which is run by CRM students, pay between £194 and £494 per week for housing. The accommodation has an 802 bed capacity and is located on Empire Way in Wembley.

The rubbish pile is reportedly on a roof section of the building which the local council says it cannot access, and therefore is unable to collect.

Councillor Krupa Sheth said: “Once our refuse crews arrived onsite, it became clear that the pile of rubbish is not on ground level with the bins but rather is on an upper roof area which our waste crews would not have access to.”

Sheth also suggested that building management is responsible for disposing of the rubbish, saying “it is therefore for the land owner and managing company to deal with this matter urgently.”

Grand Felda House says it has now resolved the matter and notified residents in an email writing: “The issue with our contractors has been resolved and that the bin disposal/collection contractors have resumed their normal schedule.

“We have already brought in secondary contractors who were in today to help deal with the backlog of rubbish that has pilled up on the courtyard.

“Based off the capacity of these secondary contractors helping to clear the courtyard, they estimate it should take a few visits over the course of the next couple of days to clear it all.

“Unfortunately, the cause of the problem that led to this in the first place was above the operational control of our site staff, but we apologise for the conditions caused by this.”

Featured image via Google Maps

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