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He’s cuffed! Introducing Matt Rife’s hot, British influencer girlfriend Jessica Lord

I cannot believe she’s from Rochdale

Matt Rife is a hot topic at the minute after a string of controversies which have arisen since his Netflix special. After his rise to fame from TikTok, the sheer amount of women thirsting over him is insane, maybe even concerning. Half of the female population hate him, while the other half want to be with him. But unfortunately for some of you ladies, he’s officially cuffed. Now in a relationship with Jessica Lord, the comedian is officially off the market – maybe this explains why his comedy has taken a 180 and he’s pandering to men now. Who knows.

Matt confirmed his relationship with Jessica on the 2 Bears 1 cave podcast in October, adding that they’d known each other for around a year and a half but had only been seeing each other for four or five months. The couple also made their official red carpet debut just last month at the Forbes Top Creators List Launch in New York City. But who is the lucky (or unlucky) lady? Here’s everything you need to know about the gorgeous girlfriend of Matt Rife, Jessica Lord.

Jessica Lord is 25 and is originally from Manchester

Jessica recently celebrated her 25th birthday in July and is British, so she’s without a doubt funnier than Matt –  I don’t even care that he’s a comedian. Not only is Jessica originally from the UK, she’s from – drumroll please – Rochdale. Poor, poor girl. Luckily for her, she escaped its grasp and grew up mostly in Canada after moving to Toronto when she was six, but she hasn’t lost the iconic northern accent.

She’s both an actress and dancer

Jessica is both an actress and dancer, making her debut in 2015 after appearing in four episodes Canadian teen drama, The Next Step. She also appeared in Hulu’s Find Me in Paris, Ransom, and Party of Five. Jessica’s love for dancing came from her mum, and she followed in her footsteps when she started ballroom dancing classes at just four years old. She even specialised in dance whilst at high school.

Jessica then went on to enrol in the very first cohort of the dance programme at Centennial College in Toronto.

Jessica has a dog called Lily

Multiple photos of her dog Lily on her Instagram weren’t enough for Jessica, as she even has a whole separate Instagram page dedicated to her pooch. She’s a full time dog mum but she’s also a lover of all animals. Recently she took a trip to an animal sanctuary with Matt where they both cuddled and swam with otters. They also petted sloths and monkeys and fed a kangaroo. I have to admit, this is a 10/10 date and I am incredibly envious.

She’s an Arizona Diamondbacks supporter

Despite her accent, Jessica has clearly adopted the North American obsession for baseball and is a hard supporter of the Arizona Diamondbacks, even sharing photos of her exploring the pitch in her custom shirt. With Matt being a proud fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, I’m sure game days are interesting.

Jessica loves the great outdoors

Much like her boyfriend, Jessica loves a hike and even more importantly, loves snapping a photo of herself on said hike. She’s really into fitness and exercise and loves to share pictures of her adventures. She’s not afraid of a big hill, that’s for sure. I wonder if she misses the Peak District?

She’s a big supporter of Matt’s comedy

Despite his initial fanbase being mostly made up of women, Jessica is super cool with all the female attention he gets and is super supportive of Matt. In fact, Matt revealed how she shares the same frustration Matt does when people heckle during his shows.

She’s never been insecure about the amount of attention that I get.” he shared. “She sees it the way I see it … a girl will yell out in the middle of a show like ‘F–k me!’ or something wild … and a lot of girls would be like, ‘You have girls yelling out to you in the middle of the show?’”

They seem to have a lot in common and after he spoke to Esquire, we know that Matt is soon looking to settle down with a wife and kids, so maybe she’s the one. They really are the perfect pair.

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