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This optical illusion reveals if you have major commitment issues in relationships

I genuinely cannot see one of the images

If there’s one thing better than an optical illusion it’s one that also tells you something about how you are as a person. If you’ve been wondering lately whether you struggle with commitment in your platonic and romantic relationships, then spotting which image you can see first in the optical illusion could tell you a lot!

Which image do you see in the optical illusion first?

Have a look at the image above and decide which image you see first. Most people can either instantly see a flock of birds or an outline of a woman. A creator on TikTok explained the meaning behind which image you saw first.

What does it mean if you saw the birds first?

If you first saw the birds then you are someone who: “Struggles with long-term commitments because you crave excitement and predictability bores you. You are also very prone to overthinking, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life.”

What about if you saw the outline of a woman first?

However, if you first saw the face then it’s better news for your level of commitment. Those who spotted the woman’s face first are “highly empathetic, and are quick to pick up on the emotions of others.

“This sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people but it can also be overwhelming as you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you.”

Who knew an optical illusion could tell you so much about how committed you are in relationships?!

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