Laura says her ‘life cannot go back to normal’ after appearing on MAFS UK

She’s ‘relieved the show is over’

Laura was one of our faves during MAFS UK, but she’s quietly relieved that the show is over and has admitted that she knows her life will never be the same.

Laura told The Sun: “I feel a bit relieved now the show’s finished. Life cannot go back to normal.” Laura added that she watched every episode of MAFS UK live with the viewers, except for the dinner party at the couple’s retreat as she didn’t like how Georges and Luke said she “patronised” Arthur, or “tried to change him.”

She said: “That was the hardest day. I didn’t know what the boys had said about me at the couple’s retreat day because I was with the girls. But I’d met up with Arthur at the end of the day. It was like half 11 at night, and the last thing you want to be doing is talking about all the nasty things that have been said about you, and I think that was probably one of the episodes where I was at the point of the experiment where I was just really drained and I think you can see it on my face.

“I was feeling very deflated, and I just did feel like I’d lost myself in trying to show people who I was and it was just being thrown back. I actually didn’t watch that episode live, and I turned my phone off that day because I just didn’t want to deal with whatever was going to be said about me.

Laura admitted how much appearing on MAFS UK completely changed her whole way of life, saying: “You do have to put your life on hold while MAFS is airing because you can’t do anything that will give away the story, and the show has certainly been part of my life for over a year now because I was in the process for so long.

“So I just feel a bit relieved that life cannot go back to normal, because you can never go back to what it was before, but you can be a bit more authentic and just do things that you want to do and you would normally be doing.”

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