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Um, people are convinced Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are in London together for Christmas

They were both spotted in the city on Wednesday

This is not a drill – Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have both been spotted separately out in London this week and people are now speculating that the pair might be spending the holidays together.

After the whirlwind drama that was their divorce, things undeniably got messy when Sophie then sued Joe for custody over their two daughters in an attempt to bring them back to the UK with her. But perhaps they’ve managed to put the past behind them, as they were each spotted out and about in London on Wednesday this week.

Photos of Sophie in London on Wednesday morning with the pair’s two daughters, Willa and Delphine, showed the actress pushing a double pram through the rain. Now this might not look like much, but together with photos of Joe entering trendy London restaurant, Chiltern Firehouse, on the same night, we may have a case. Joe even looked super festive stepping out of a car on his way to dinner – why else would he be in London so close to Christmas?

The couple have previously spent Christmas together on this side of the pond with Sophie’s family in Warwickshire, with a photo from 2018 showing Joe’s brother, Nick, and his wife, Priyanka, also in attendance.

Sophie and Joe had also planned to make England their forever home while they were together, with Sophie joking at the time that her husband would need some convincing but that she knew she wanted to go back home and raise her family back in Oxfordshire. But of course, those plans were halted when the two split, leaving Sophie to approach the issue in court.


With Sophie previously being vocal about waning to relocate back to the UK while married to Joe, seeing him out and about in the capital is suggestive that he’s here to spend Christmas together with his ex-wife and their daughters as a family.

And whether she plans to meet up with her ex-flame, it’s clear that Sophie is taking family time very seriously, despite being loved up with her new boyfriend, Peregrine Pearson. The new couple have taken elaborate dates and shared smooches in both London and Paris, with source close to Sophie saying that he’s really helped her through this rough patch in her life.

Neither Joe or Sophie have given any hints about a potential reunion, but for some, just the fact of both stars being in the same city so close to Christmas is convincing enough evidence that they’re due to meet up over the holidays. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit in the air, but it’s compelling enough evidence for me. I’m rooting for them, but even if nothing comes of it, it’s sweet to see Joe putting in so much effort to be with his family.

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