the traitors uk 2023 instagrams

A look inside the weird and wonderful Instagrams of the The Traitors UK series two cast

Diane posting memes about herself on the grid is so iconic

The Traitors has taken over as the hottest show on telly right now and this year’s cast are starting to come out of their shells. Hosted by The Winklemeister, I doubt this show could actually be any better. Although we haven’t seen a whole lot of them yet, you can infer a lot about someone from the state of their Instagram page – and some of the cast members have some questionable posts to say the least. Here’s a look inside the Instagrams of the cast of The Traitors UK 2023.

Evie – @happyblondehiker

Evie’s Instagram is super green and outdoorsy. Her posts are mainly of her adventures on the Scottish Highlands and they all look dreamy. I’m very jealous.

Diane – @dianeakamum

Diane is definitely new to Instagram and has only used it for Traitor related posts, except for the two posts documenting her running progress. But her dedication to posting memes about the show is iconic and she needs to be protected at all costs.

Miles – @smiley_miley1

Miles has the ultimate dad Instagram. I’m talking cheesy pictures, family days out and all the typical dad captions like “Why can’t they stay smaller for longer!”. It’s so cute.

Aubrey – @aubrey__emerson_

The only photo of Aubrey on his Instagram is his promo shoot for The Traitors. Instead, his black cat is the shining star of his page. This is the quality content I’m here for.

Ash – @therealashbibi

Ash’s Instagram is mainly just a food diary and is compromised of meals she’s made or has enjoyed when she’s out and about in London. It’s lacking juicy details but it has inspired my meal plan for the next week so I’m not mad about it.

Andrew – @andrewjenkinsofficial

Although there’s not many, Andrew’s posts are varied. He’s got motivational clips from podcasts, photos of him paddle boarding and enjoying nature and most importantly – a topless photo of himself. I’m sorry but I literally can’t get over his rig.

Kyra – @kjohnsxn

There’s not much on Kyra’s Instagram apart from a few photos of herself, but her Highlights suggest she’s an avid traveller and is a big fan of a holiday, or four.

Ross – @tuckshopcarson

Ross is vibey and he knows it. Unfortunately though, his Instagram is less vibey and mainly boasts content from shoots he’s worked on, with the odd picture of himself here and there. A mid ranged ‘gram.

Tracey – @seriouslywoowoo

With a seriously funky handle, Tracey’s Instagram is a safe place to be. She mainly posts selfies, her cavapoo, Teddy, and their wholesome adventures together. She does know how to charm a camera though. Work it, Tracey.

Antony – @anthony_mathurin_2021

Anthony’s Instagram is a bit chaos. Nothing really adds up and his posting is a bit inconsistent, with his last posts before The Traitors being two years ago. There’s little stalking material there, unfortunately.

Jasmine – @jzmne_1

Jasmine’s Instagram is iconic and she knows how to pose. She’s here, there and everywhere and makes anything look vibey. Even a super close up on the main grid. Love.

Harry – @harryclarky

Harry’s a typical lad and his Instagram reflects just that. He’s pretty trendy but more importantly, his girlfriend is a pretty prominent feature on his page which is nice to see – take note, boys.

Zack – @_zackdavies

Zack is a people person and his Instagram reflects just that. He also has photos on there with hair, and while I enjoy the contrast, I think he really does pull off bald the best.

Charlotte – @charlchilts

Charlotte’s Instagram screams single girl era. Her posts are mainly of girls’ days out, with the odd family photo or picture of her dinner. Good for her – it’s fun, but it’s lacking spice.

Paul – @paulgorton

Paul’s Instagram is basically just a documentation of his family and his son Charlie, including their walks, holidays and meals out together. For some reason, I’m mildly interested in his dad life. It looks pretty adorable.

Meg – @_mlc_artistry_


Most of Meg’s posts are of her artwork, which is pretty good I might add. As well as showcasing her work, she also posts a few tips and tricks for other artists, including her favourite songs to paint to. I didn’t peg her as a Fred Again fan.

Jaz – @jazsingh10

I’m not really sure what to take from Jaz’s Instagram, he kind of has it all. With just the right ratio of travel photos to pictures with his partner, he’s got an interesting page. One thing for sure is that he loves fishing.

Brian – @saint.bri

With one of most aesthetic of The Traitors UK 2023 Instagrams, Brian is a photographer and he wants us to know it. He’s also a model in many of the shots on there, so his page is extremely cool and kind on the eye.

Mollie – @mollie_pearcee

Mollie’s Instagram is much more fun than her appearance on The Traitors so far. From what we can see, she’s got a lot going on. She mostly posts photos of her elaborate travels, which include Kenya, Italy, Croatia and Greece in the last few years alone.

Jonny – @jonnyholloway_

Jonny’s Instagram is both wholesome and inspiring. He posts a lot about his time in the army and his amputation. All of his posts are really positive – he really does deserve the follow.

Charlie – @charlie_bees_1989

the traitors uk 2023 instagrams

via BBC

Charlie’s Instagram is private, but her page is almost entirely made up of selfies with friends and family. Her posts are quite old, so hopefully being on The Traitors UK 2023 will blow a new breath of life into her Instagram page – and she’ll hopefully turn her profile to public!

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