We asked King’s students what their Ins and Outs are for 2024, here’s what they said

The KCL Ins and Outs will be infinitely better than the Wall Street Journal’s edition – but yes, Jacob Elordi is definitely in for 2024

“A new year, new me” is the phrase on everyone’s lips at this time of year but this time, let’s actually mean it. We asked you via Instagram  what we’re leaving behind in 2023 and embracing in 2024. We received a lot of responses trying to leave some of the King’s sports teams in 2023 but, in keeping with the spirit of positivity, we’d like to leave that hate in the past as we move into the new semester.

INS for 2024:

Attending lectures in person – Even, the 9ams. Unless you’re on your death bed, let’s leave lecture capture untouched this year. After all, we’re not getting ourselves into copious amounts of student debt and living in London for nothing.

‘DC’ – Aka, Dover Castle pub. We know all of you first years who lived in GDS eat this place up, but apparently so many others do too. I personally can’t say I understand the attraction, but it seems to be a popular in.

Being a good flatmate – We sense there’s been some flat drama this year with the amount of people who suggested this in. Please wash your dishes and help to take the bins out, your flatmates are tired of it. It’s time to be an adult and look after yourself and your SHARED living environment.

‘Reusable coffee cups’ – Sustainable girlies rise for 2024! I’m totally in support of this, and most places give you a discount for doing this too. Use that discount as your motivation (we’re all students, remember).

‘Chai lattes as rewards’ – Perhaps we can have these in our reusable coffee cups too. Maybe this is the year of reducing our caffeine intake and also an excuse for a midday sweet treat (not that we needed one).

OUTS for 2024:

KCL Confessions page – This page is just an extremely botched version of gossip girl and it’s immature. People have been sending in the most out of pocket things far too frequently and it makes everyone who reads them uncomfortable.

‘UCU Strikes’ – An obvious one. We don’t want a repeat of last year, where students probably missed at least half a semester with the lecture strikes and the fact we only got our exam results back from MAY in December (after being pushed back several times too). Of course, we want adequate pay for our staff but the strikes are frustrating.

‘Strand Greggs’ – Not the response I expected but valid nonetheless. All the good stuff is gone b y 1pm and even though it’s cheap, several sausage rolls a week is making me breakout. Maybe Tesco meal deals should replace them in the Strand student diet.

Holborn station at rush hour – I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m just not doing it anymore. Its got to the point where most of us would rather sulk at Virginia Woolf for an extra couple of hours so we don’t have to be suffocated by corporate men on the Piccadilly Line at 5pm. At least then we can be productive and get some of my readings done.

‘Shaming people for their degree’ – Wait… this is a thing?? Same thing goes for the KCL confessions page, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Unfortunately, everyone is going to still be haunted by some of their outs, but here’s to wishing you all avoid those outs and embrace those ins as we move into the new semester. Here’s a personal warning though, if I see you on campus partaking in any of the outs, I can confirm I WILL be giving you side eye.

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