Hannah Constable

Hannah Constable
Bournemouth University

female-centred articles, student journalism, mental-health awareness, hot-girl walks, London life, reading cringe romance novels, puppy yoga

  • Hannah Constable is currently a writer for the King's Tab - writing mostly feature articles, ranging from how to heal a heartbreak, to the ickiest things about the university
  • Hannah is passionate about writing original and relatable pieces and bringing in a new audience to The Tab King's
  • She most enjoys journalism in the style of Dolly Alderton and reads 'Dear Dolly' in The Sunday Times weekly


Hannah joined The Tab King's in January 2023 as a writer and remains one of the most consistent and experienced writers. She also has her own blog, where she writes about her life beyond being a student


She is in her second year of her undergraduate degree in English Literature (BA) at King's College London, completing various modules in studies of medieval literature and eighteenth century novels


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