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We asked and you delivered: These are officially King’s students biggest icks

Unlike Anton with Georgia H, you’ll struggle to come back from the ick

There is nothing worse than having the most soul-crushing obsession with someone, and then they just do or say something that icks you out – and you just can’t get over it.

It is true, if you want to get over someone, just think about them running to make the tube or them with pasta sauce around their mouth. So again, we asked you lovely lot on Instagram what gives you the ick in honour of Valentine’s Day. There were definitely some strange responses I must say, but they gave us a giggle nonetheless.

1. When they say… ‘My ex was crazy’

This is true. Why are you sharing this information? Do you think anyone is going to be like, “Wow, was she really?”. No, instead anyone will just think you’re the crazy one. A similar ick was about guys talking bad about other girls thinking it will flatter you. Again, it won’t.

2. ‘When they don’t know what they want’

THIS. I could write my whole dissertation on such an mindboggling concept. But actually, it’s not. Just say you have commitment issues and move on. Thank you, next.

3. ‘Disney adults’

I’m sorry but Primark Disney pyjamas actually slap. It’s understandable though, you don’t want to date someone whose favourite movie is Lady in the Tramp.

4. He refers to women as ‘females’

This made me laugh out loud. Very south London core. No one should allow this one either. It’s not quite as bad as ‘the bird’ – or is that just a northern thing? The only acceptable way to use “females” is if you’re saying it ironically like Martin from Friday Night Dinner.

5. ‘Men that act like boys: No food in the fridge, dirty, empty loo roll’

Just catastrophic really. It is the pinnacle of unattractiveness when someone doesn’t look after themselves and their living space. Grow up and clean yourself up.

6. ‘Dirty nails’

Speaks for itself. If they’re uncut with dirt underneath, I am running away for the hills. (And I don’t even run)

7. ‘Ugly dancing on a night out’

There is nothing ickier than when you look over and see a man in the club act out every line in the song playing. It’s giving ‘Green Green Grass’ by George Ezra. I could be sick right there and then.

8. ‘Skinny jeans’

STRAIGHT LEG ONLY. Skinny jeans are far too close to mid 2010s Essex core, and that was not a good place for decent, respectable men.

9. ‘Cockiness’

There’s a difference between confident and cocky. We need enough space in the room to fit me in with and your massive ego.

10. ‘Gaming’

This one is a bit harsh. I suppose it is bizarre for a grown person to spend all of their student loan on their games, and you wouldn’t want them ignoring you when you’re married after they get home from work. But an evening of gaming here and there allows them to reconnect with their friends from home, especially if its a long distance away. Cut them some slack.