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There’s an online Traitors video game you can play to test how faithful you are

I’m addicted

Do you consider yourself faithful? Well, you can now test your skills with the new Traitors online video game, available to play on the BBC website.

You can play the video game online by predicting who you think will be the next person to be murdered by the Traitors, and who you think will be banished. You have to make your choices before the next episode starts, and each correct guess will earn you points which add up over the series.

There will also be a leaderboard of course, because what’s the point of an online video game if you can’t earn bragging rights to who knows Traitors the best?


Jamie Dodds said: “This brand new game offers fans of The Traitors the chance to immerse themselves in the world of the show, and play along with all the betrayals, mind games, and manipulations of this epic new series. It’s a great way for people at home to see if they can think like a Traitor!”

Pushpa Reddy said: “We’ve built this game as a fun way to help people engage with one of our best loved and most exciting shows. This is a game for The Traitors obsessives – using everything they know and understand about the show to inform their predictions to compete with their friends and family at this tense and nail-biting game and see who will emerge as the ultimate Traitors fan.”

The Traitors UK season two continues tonight on BBC One and then on iPlayer. For more like this and the best music, reality TV and entertainment news, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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