Love Island All Stars Callum

Everything Callum from Love Island: All Stars has been up to since his breakup with Molly

His cooking videos are next level

Callum and Molly have come face to face in Love Island: All Stars after being split up for six months. And who knows whether a potential romantic reunion might be in the cards for the two of them?

But what has Callum from Love Island: All Stars been up to since his split from Molly? Let’s find out!

Going on boujee holidays

Between Ibiza, America and Bali, Callum has done a lot of travelling since his split with Molly. And, like a true influencer of course he has to take pictures in front of the sunset. Very iconic.

Making delicious-looking food content

Oh my god. If I was Molly I would want to get back with Callum just for the desserts alone. Move aside Curtis, waking someone up with a biscoff cheesecake is the way to their heart.

Callum also makes insanely tasty-looking savoury meals, including this beef rib and mouthwatering pasta dishes. Get this man his own cooking show stat.

Going on a massive trip to America

Callum went on a big trip to America last year and it looks pretty amazing, he seems to have gone all over the country!

Going on a retreat to Bali

Callum also went on a fancy retreat to Bali with White Box Property. Genuinely looks like the fanciest business meeting I’ve ever seen.

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