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Why fans are convinced Molly and Callum from Love Island: All Stars are still dating

Was their whole breakup a lie?

Okay, is anyone else’s jaw on the floor after that insane Love Island: All Stars reveal between Callum and Molly? I was absolutely in shock. The two decided to break up six months ago after dating for three years, and we’ll have to wait until tonight’s Love Island: All Stars episode to see whether Callum decides to recouple with Molly.

And despite the fact I think we’re all secretly rooting for them to recouple and get back together on the show, a lot of fans are convinced that they’ve actually been dating in secret and never even split up in the first place.

Some fans have branded the moment that Callu, seemed shocked to see Molly enter the Love Island: All Stars villa a “fix”. One person said: “I don’t care what anyone says. Molly and Callum have split up purposely to go in for this reason. Been together three years and conveniently split six months before All Stars airs they’re getting paid the big bucks.”

Someone else commented: “Wait wait Molly and Callum broke up six months ago and are both suddenly back on the show??? Wait til y’all find out the show begged them to pretend to break up so they can rekindle on the show.”

Fans have also been speculating whether each other knew they would be on the show, saying that Jake knew Liberty was going to be in the villa and that whilst Callum seemed “genuinely surprised,” Molly didn’t seem shocked to see him.

Both Molly and Callum also still have all their pictures of the two of them on their Instagram and still follow each other. Is it a sign of an amicable breakup or something more?

Whether the two secretly are still in a relationship or not, the drama is so good I don’t think I mind either way!

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