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Durham’s new bus station has finally opened to the public

The relieving news come after months of delays and £10.4 million

Durham’s new bus station has been rebuilt and officially opened on Sunday 7th January after months of delays prevented the initially planned opening of summer 2023. The former bus station, built in 1970, was demolished in 2021 to make way for the upgrade, Palatinate reports.

The opening is likely to come as a relief to many local businesses on North Road which faced severe disruption due to temporary bus stops that flooded the street. For businesses such as Bean Social Café, it was almost fatal as they had to resort to crowdfunding just to remain open during the bus station’s redevelopment.

The project has cost £10.4 million but was deemed necessary by Durham County Council who have labelled the station a “major transport hub for the region and the county”. Durham County Council has described the new station as a “safe and welcoming space for residents and visitors.”

The council went on to boast how the new station has a number of improved facilities: “It has increased space for passengers and new facilities including toilets, a changing places unit, improved information displays and additional seating in the passenger waiting area. Plus it has an office space where security, cleaning, neighbourhood warden staff, representatives from Durham Constabulary and Arriva, will all be based.

“Bus users can more find information on where to go for their buses at the new station by visiting the Durham County Council website.

“Works will continue on North Road to reinstate the road and footpath where the temporary bus stops were placed and this is expected to be completed in the spring”.

The reception to the station has thus far been positive with notable praise being provided by Mary Foy, City of Durham MP, who stated via social media that “our city desperately needs and deserves this”

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