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How much do the Islanders get paid for Love Island: All Stars?

I can’t believe how much they get paid

The Islanders look like they have a pretty great time on Love Island: All Stars, but how much do they get paid for the tiresome task of lounging about in a villa? Most of us would pay for the chance to relax in an all-inclusive villa with attractive singletons for over a month, so the fact that the Islanders are getting paid to be there is insane to me.

How much do the cast of Love Island: All Stars get paid?


According to The Daily Mail, each of the Islanders gets paid £2k per week, meaning they could earn an estimated £10-12k for their time on the show, depending on whether it lasts five or six weeks.

A source revealed: “Everyone is being treated the same on Love Island: All Stars, there was no negotiation for stars of the show to take part despite their status and fan base. There isn’t a cash prize for the winners either, everyone knows that the Islanders are already famous in their own right so offering a lump sum wasn’t what producers wanted.”

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Unlike the standard Love Island, the winners of Love Island: All Stars will not get paid any prize money if they win the show.

Still, the Islanders are making roughly £30 per hour for being on the show, which is a lot more than minimum wage for a lot less work! Sign me up for the next season!

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