A woman has graduated from University of Liverpool 60 years after starting her degree

Angela Davidson became pregnant in 1966 and left after the uni was unable to support her

A woman has graduated from the University of Liverpool nearly 60 years after starting her degree.

Angela Davidson was one of only six women studying animal sciences in 1966 and had to leave the course in her fourth year after becoming pregnant with her first child.

She has now returned to the university 57 years later with her daughter and granddaughter and graduated with BSc (Hons).

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Angela Davidson met her husband on the same course at University of Liverpool, but due to the university being unable to support her at the time, she left the course.

Attending her graduation, Angela’s children and grandchildren were able to celebrate her achievement with them.

At the ceremony, a university member said: “Today a class of veterinary students numbers some 200 – about 80 per cent of them are women. In 1960, the number was 36 – and six of them were women.

“One of those students, Angela Davidson, still waits for her degree. And today, she will get it.

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“She met her husband in that class and became pregnant with her first child when she was in the fourth year. We were unable to support her at that time and she left the programme. She enjoyed a happy family life and a very successful professional life.

“But Angela Davidson today will get that bachelor’s degree – that is her right.”

Angela Davidson spoke of her pleasure at finally being awarded her degree. She said: “It was the most wonderful morning. I’ve waited years for this.

“The early 1960s was a very different time for women and that has been acknowledged today – I felt such a warm atmosphere.

“I’ve waited many years for this and my daughter, who I was expecting when I left the course, was here with me today to see me finally pick up my degree.”

Angela’s graduation is a heartwarming reminder of how far women have come since the 1960s in being able to enjoy both a family life and a professional life. Congratulations, Angela!

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