York students sent guide on how to use toilet after ‘unpleasant mess’ left in uni bathroom

‘The only place you should be going to the toilet is IN the toilet provided’

If you were thinking about visiting the computer science department at University of York be warned that, according to an email sent out to students today, students have been instructed on how to use the toilet after there have been several occurrences of “unpleasant mess”.

The email, seen by The York Tab and reportedly sent by the department’s reception to students today, said that there had been repeated offences in the accessible cubicle on the ground floor. Outlining where people should and shouldn’t poo, the email suggests that students have been getting a little inventive with their toilet habits over on Campus East.

After calling the behaviour unacceptable (which seems fair), the email gives students three reminders for toilet-usage and what it implies has happened is grim. All I can say is of course its in the comp sci building.

Exam season can be tough for everyone, but it seems to have hit the computer science department extra hard this year.

The email says that: “Quite apart from the hygiene implications of this, it is not appropriate to expect users of the toilet to use the facilities in this state, or to expect our wonderful cleaning staff to deal with it. It is simply not acceptable behaviour, and we will not tolerate it.”

Now the obvious question (that I’m not sure I want the answer to) is how bad does one toilet have to get to deserve a dedicated email? Well, the email goes on to outline three reminders for students when using the facilities that seem to hint at what may have gone down.

It says: “Please remember:

“(i) The only place you should be going to the toilet is IN the toilet, sinks are for washing your hands, and toilet brush holders are for holding toilet brushes.

“(ii) Toilet paper should only be flushed down the toilet – not blue paper.

“(iii) Blue paper should be disposed in the bins provided.”

It concludes: “Please use the facilities appropriately: We want CS to be a nice, clean and healthy place for ALL of our students, visitors and staff.”

Did someone take a poo in the sink? In the toilet brush holder? I have so many questions but I’m not sure I actually want the answer.

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