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Omg, Luis had a secret girlfriend on the outside whilst in the Love Island: All Stars villa

He told her to ‘pretend he was acting in a movie’

Umm, so it turns out that Luis actually had a secret girlfriend whilst he was in the villa who he told to “pretend he was acting in a movie” while he was filming Love Island: All Stars. I mean how shocked are we really?

The Sun revealed that the two had started dating each other in 2023, and Luis had even gone as far as to introduce her to his daughter Vienna. When she saw Luis and Demi together on the show she got in touch with his two other exes for support.

An insider said: “Cally and Chloe have offered her their support and been there as a shoulder to cry on. She explained she has been hurt by him hooking up with Demi and shocked by the stories about him not paying child maintenance.

“Luis told her he was going onto Love Island but had no intention of them breaking up. He told her to pretend he was just acting in a movie. Having a break away from him while he was in the villa gave her the space she needed to find the courage to break up with him. She was struggling with the decision as she had grown close to his daughter Vienna and worries she won’t see her again.”

And you might think that this level of secrecy would put off Demi Jones, but clearly not. Demi has since come forward to state that Luis told her about his secret girlfriend after they returned from the Love Island: All Stars villa, and she will continue to date him. Hopefully, he’s had just the one secret girlfriend.

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