MAFS Australia Tamara Joy

Tamara Joy from MAFS Australia claps back after fans say she looks ‘unrecognisable’

‘Your opinion of me is irrelevant!’

Tamara Joy, an intruder from MAFS Australia 2019 has been heavily criticised after posting a dramatically different picture of herself to Instagram.

Soon after she posted the selfie her comments were flooded with fans critiquing her appearance saying she was “stunning” and had “so much class” before getting cosmetic surgery.

The followers of Tamara Joy were quick to comment on her appearance: “Aw you were so natural and beautiful back on MAFS Australia, I hope you did it all for yourself and not for the gram,” one fan wrote, while another added, “This is really sad but as long as you’re happy it’s not for any of us to say is it”.

Tamara, who has since turned comments off on her post, told Yahoo Lifestyle: “These people need to take a look in their own backyard before criticising others,” she says. “It’s a shame that in 2024, we are still commenting on women’s appearance. It’s sad that society hasn’t evolved, especially women commenting on another woman’s appearance. Where is your empathy?

“Your opinion of me is irrelevant! I loved myself before, and I love myself now!”

When asked about what cosmetic procedures she’s had done over the years, Tamara explains that she’s had breast enlargement, a nose job and fillers.

“I’ve had a few corrective boob jobs due to complications with the first one I had when I was younger. I, personally, wanted to balance out my hips and boobs. I honestly wanted boobs and a nose job since I was 15 years old, so as soon as I was old enough, I got my first boob job!”

And since appearing on MAFS Australia, Tamara Joy hasn’t felt any pressure from the public to change her appearance: “I have done what I have done for myself because I wanted to, end of!”

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